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Moscova brooches (3590€ and 2250€, the cc shaped one) adorned with many freah water pearls, glass pearls ...
The Moscova theme perfectly illustrates the luxury of the collection as it many designs were shown on the Runway.

Dimitri brass knuckles in metal, strass and resin (875€)

1. Dimitri Brooch in strass metal and resin (835€ GM)
2. About the Romanov Arms with CC design: the Dimitri brooch with strass exists in 3 sizes, it also exists a version, from the Red Army theme, without strass in gold/black and ruth/black (140€)

Tsarina minaudière (12250€)

Siberia raw bracelet in metal (580€)

Matriochka minaudière (4500€) and in the background Tsarina braclets (1290€)

Tsarina necklace (1390€) and Blochoi brass knuckles (435€), in the background: Elegant and refined Golden Vine cuffs. (980€)

Bochoi black resin cuff with water pearls, glass stones and satin, in ruthenium, black and white (2440€)

Bolchoi Brooch with water pearls, glass stones and strass in ruthenium, black and white (890)

Stravinsky Minaudière in white velvet, engraved chain and gold metal filament, Kremlin's roof shaped vintage closure. (7550€)
This gorgeous purse is also made in dark grey or dark blue velvet with ruthenium.

Incredibly sophisticated Imperial Fur clutch in beige and white in Shearling with aged pale metal (5200€)

Bolchoi bracelet in gold and burgundy - Bolchoi brass knuckles (1390€ and 435€)

Byzantine black resin cuff with gold and blue stones and strass.

Paris-Moscou Vasilija shoes with inverted orthodox church tower.
Vasilija is a girl's name, the feminine form of "Basil" meaning "royal".
The shoes are made in velvet (black, burgundy) or metalised calfskin (a kind of golden colour).

Tsarina Headband (1020€) and Grape Vine Brooches

All pictures taken from the Chanel website.
Indicative prices, contact your Chanel Boutique to know more about the items.


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