Kazimir Malevich "The Mower" & Chanel 2009 Paris Moscou Collection

As you can see if you check the runway show online, sophisticated, opulent costume jewelry played a major role in the pre-fall 2009 Chanel Paris Moscou collection.
There were beautiful and sophisticated traditional Russian headdress and a lot of (of course) Russian inspiration all over the models.
We all know Karl Lagerfeld loves Russian Constructivism and that Coco Chanel had a romance with The Duke Dimitri Pavlovitch, her 1922 collection was inspired by Russian Savoir-Faire and full of Russian embroideries and Byzantine influenced jewelry.
For this collection the main influences are: Matriochkas (Russian dolls), the Red Army, the of a prestigious heritage amongst many others.

Red Army uniforms with Red Army brooches & 2009 Chanel Paris Moscou, beautiful mens wear, navy jackets with "Red Army" brooches.

Tatline's tower & 2009 Chanel Paris Moscou Constructivism bag range

Romanov Arms & 2009 Chanel Paris Moscou Dimitri Brooch

The Chanel Paris Moscou collection's themes are:

TSARINA_Highly sophisticated inspired by the Russian Imperial Court (Costume Jewerly and gorgeous luxurious bags)
There is a gorgeous headband, an extremely affordable ring (190€) and a brooch and necklace with lots of details and so refined it looks like high jewelry!!!

MATRIOCHKA_a cute theme featuring Russian Dolls!
There is a beautiful Cuff (890€) and lots of other items (two pairs of earrings 380€ and 550€) Highly Collectible!

BOLCHOI_The Couture theme of the Costume Jewelry collection.
There was a lot of Bolchoi themed jewels on the Runway.
Hair combs are absolutely stunning (from about 450€ to 950€)

BYZANTINE_Cabochon stones, sculpted metal.
Very luxurious! Gorgeous metal cuff wit cabochon stones (2590€)

CRYSTAL BOUQUET_Camellia flowers adorned with enamel. Very geometric shapes inspired by Constructivism emblematic artist Vladimir Tatline. Geometric brooches (from 425€).

DIMITRI_Inspired by the arms of the Romanov family. A tribute to the love of Coco Chanel for Russia and Dimitri. Probably the symbol of the Paris-Moscou Collection! Collector items ;) !
(Brooch from 195€ to 835€)

GOLDEN VINE_Resin coverted with golden metal vine

LIOUBOV_ (LOVE!)Sophisticated theme, with some heart shaped items. A very large choice of earrings!

MOSCOVA_Baroque design inspired, stones, pearls, strass, metal are assembled to create sophisticated ensembles. A lot of Moscova pieces were featured on the Runway.

RED ARMY_inspired by Russian Army, military badges, brooches and pins. Matches lots of RTW and shoe items. (brooches about 140€)

RUSSIAN PEARLS_Iconic theme, evening style, very feminine and elegant.

SIBERIA_Gold and Ruthenium are the stars of the theme. Very graphic and raw, just like Siberia! Note that each metal piece is mounted by hand...

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