G29577 Thistle 1150€ Kangourou looks like poney. Available in orange OR kaki
All images Courtesy of Chanel.
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Tweedy line, available in Suede in purple-black OR dark grey-black OR dark blue-black OR violet-black
Also available in glee Suede in Beige-black

Pipes and Drums line : G29353 580€ in calfskin in black or in kid Suede for 560€ . Also available flats. Flats 510€ in Kid suede available in blue-black OR dark marron-black OR in kid suede in beige-gold OR black-dark gold

Loch Lomand shoes : 620€ available in kid suede fantasy in grey in kid suede and calfskin in black or in cloudy suede in dark green or green or blue

Sport sneakers : G29326 590€ in oiled calf in kaki-black OR black-grey

Weekend line high boots : 790€ Suede calfskin available in black, dark burgundy, dark marron, light marron
Also available in a short version : 750€ in the same colours

Warm Winter line available with 5cm heels (G27811) or 1cm (G27813)! G27811: 840€ in Suede calfskin available in burgundy-black OR navy blue-black OR kaki-black OR all black

Thistel line : G29577 available in patent calfskin in burgundy 850€, in calfskin in dark marron or in blue 850€, in poney calf in beige 1100€

Coco Jazz line : 430€ in tweed and calfskin available in black-ivory also available in kaki-marron-black OR grey-black

Loch CC line G29292 : 105mm heels available in gl. calf in black or in marron-dark marron combo 700€ OR in patent calf in black OR in navy-black combo 690€

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