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In contrast to the spectacular glass and iron architecture of the Grand Palais, the rural decor intrigued, charmed, and amused guests.
Beneath the glass roof,in the middle of an earth and grass clearing, stood a wooden barn, complete with haystacks, millstones, and a tiled roof, bearing the brand's double "C" logo.
With a cockerel crowing in the background, models mischievously emerged, as if
from a magic box, as blond as the wheat was golden.
Karl Lagerfeld chose a rustic, playful, and unexpected setting for CHANEL's
spring-summer 2010 collection. "You hear a lot about the environment and organic
products at the moment. So I thought it would be fun to give it a fashion
With a fresh and sophisticated palette of dusted colours "nude, beige, tea-rose" full mini-skirts and micro-dresses revealed legs which were tattooed with
logo-chain garters or ribbons.
In frayed tweed, braided knit and hand-stitched
crochet, openwork cotton with macramé effect, block colours or embroidered with
flowers, or even with explosions of sequins on chiffon ruches, they created a
scene that was both sexy and incredibly light-hearted.
The red, white and blue prints and use of cornflowers and poppies brought to
mind the 1930's creations of Mademoiselle Chanel. "I really like that, it's very
pretty. I reused that idea of piqué or printed flowers but in a different, very
contemporary way", explains Karl Lagerfeld.
Chanel's legendary jackets highlight the figure. In ragged-edged raw linen they
set off the ruches, soften the shoulders and play with contrasts. "I like the
idea of mixing very new materials with more traditional ones like linen and
hessian", says the designer.
On their feet models wore pumps with flower-adorned straps or wooden clogs with
studs and clunky heels, which Karl Lagerfeld, with his characteristic humour,
"doesn't call clogs but "Five o'clogs". On their arms were baskets adorned with
chains or interwoven ribbons, and classic bags with brightly coloured flowers.
Worn over wide-legged trousers, the short, figure-hugging jackets in hessian or
linen were embellished with tone-on-tone braided camellias.
For a sober touch of glamour, splashes of golden wheat ears were embroidered onto black suits. The motif made an appearance on chain belts, bracelets, headbands, necklaces, and shirt fronts.
The dusty earth then began to shake as it made way for Lily Allen and her
musicians. Statuesque in a sequined black and white dress with feathered
shoulders, she rocked the crowd while the virginal dresses in faille, tulle and
chiffon, complete with belts and veils, appeared in an electric, upbeat and
carefree atmosphere. The show must go on"

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