Coco Line G29730
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All images Courtesy of Chanel.

Coco Line pumps available in calfskin for a retail price 510Euros in Beige-Black OR all black. Also available in all white 490Euros.
Available in lambskin too for a retail price 510Euros in blue OR grey OR purple. Or in one color in lambskin too : white OR navy OR red 105mm heels for a retail price : 530 Euros.

Diamond Knot Line G29736 530Euros for the combo cotton-fabric and 570Euros for the calfskin.
Available in dark beige-black OR all black OR white-black OR light beige-black

Camélia Bay Line G29711 540Euros Available in black OR blue OR grey OR purple OR beige OR beige-black (as shown)

Camélia Bay Line

Camélia Bay Line G29657 105mm heels 1150Euros also available all black

Camélia Dream Line G29728 1500Euros lambskin available in blue OR purple OR grey OR green

Camélia Bay Line G29711 480Euros also available with 10mm heel

Camélia Bay Line G29682 590Euros in calfskin available in all beige or bicolore beige-black

Also available striped in blue OR purple or grey for a retail price 570Euros and they are in lambskin. If you like lambskin, you will find them also in all black for a retail price 590Euros

Sparkling Line G29635 for 105mm heels OR G29740 for 85mm heels

Available in calfskin in black for a retail price 930Euros in metallized calfskin as shown here for 930Euros in dark grey OR gold OR silver and they are also available in crèpe in all black for 880Euros

Sparkling Line G29632
Available in metallized calfskin in Gold OR silver OR grey retail price 820euros. Also available in souple calfskin in black 820Euros, available in lambskin in beige for a retail price 820Euros and in crèpe in all black for 770Euros.

Platform Quilt Line G29608 for 99mm heels 790Euros as shown here but also available in lambskin (no wood heel) in all black or bicolore beige-black for a retail price 740Euros and, with wood heel also available in the combo black-pink OR white-grey OR pink-beige

Ballerina Line G29761 490 Euros with lace available in all black OR beige OR white
The same ballerina is available in lambskin with gold toe in dark blue OR light pink OR light beige OR pink OR dark beige OR light grey OR black.
Also available in tweed : multicolored pink-beige OR white-black
For the end, also available in python (not bicolore) : black OR beige OR pink

Bow no Bow Line G29639

Bow no Bow Line G29640

Sport Cricket Line G29685

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