All images Courtesy of Chanel.
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Coco Gum : New ultra light construction for "strech spirit" ballerina with rubber cap toe and back counter.
Large elastic, stitched CC logo, quilted padded insole. Available in suede calfskin or in lambskin.
Suede calfskin 430€. Available in dark brown and black or black and burgundy or blue and black or plumy and burgundy.
Lambskin 430€. Available in black or beige and black or white and black.

On the left, "Dance Your Life" New elastic edges ballerina in ultra soft lambskin.
Iconic cap toe and bow, large stitched CC logo, unique leather inserted elastic construction. Multi-facets hell and rubber sole.
490€ available in the following colors : Black or blue or light brown or red or blue denim or dark kaki or beige or grey.

On the right, "Gum-Gum" embossed ballerina with elastic edges, available only in lambskin.
430€ available in all black or beige-black or white-black.

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