La Madrague, A49203 available in black or white. Retail $3225

A49882 available in white with black netting OR gold with black netting. Retail $3000
A50045 available as shown. Retail $2225
A49175 available in black or white. Retail $3500
A49129 available as shown. Retail $3400

All images Courtesy of Chanel
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Timeless Classic available in the following new colours Salmon, Fuschia, red, black, and poweder pink for the Medium size. Retail $3400
Timeless Classic available in Salmon, Fuschia, Red, Navy blue, dark blue and it's in patent. Retail $3700 for the Jumbo size.
Timeless Classic available in washed caviar in dark brown, rust and navy blue.

CC Strass available in Sky blue Denim with clear crystal. Retail $3150

Lipstick also available in a flap style A49863 in vinyl. Available in grey, white, black, Fuschia. Retail $1350
Lipstick A49867 also available in white or black. Retail $1800

Natural Beauty not shown but also available A48860 in burgundy or black. Retail $2850

Both bags available in grey, dark brown or black.
A49892 Retail $2800 and A49889 Retail $2350
Not show but also available a classic flap A49915 in taupe. Retail $3250

A49854 available white dark beige, black gold and navy blue tweed. Retail $2700 Also available in patent in white. Retail $2500
A49855 available also in black or white $3225

A49120 Retail $3500

A49111. Retail $2500
Retail $2900

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