Cire Trudon has been the oldest wax and candle maker still in operation.

They make fabulous Bougies Parfumées.
the most extraordinary is:
Odeur de Lune - littr. Smell of the Moon (how does the moon smell like?)
it is their first collaboration with a contemporary artist - Philippe Parreno - we really liked the idea. How does the moon smell like? Well it could really smell like Odeur de Lune.
Head: Metalized Sulphur, Kérosen - Heart: Black coal, Salpetre - Bottom: Metal in fusion and smoked seasoned wood.

In 1643 a merchant known by the name of Trudon arrived in Paris. He made a very fortunate marriage that lead him to be the owner of a store in ru St-Honoré, in the St-Roch's quarter. He had a grocery shop and was also suppling his customers with domestic candles and candles for the parish. He perfected his know-how and produced the candles of a great quality.
On the Eve of Louis XIV's reign Maître Trudon created the first small family manufacturing business that carried his name and made the fortunes of his heirs.
his son also worked for the business and became general storekeeper and wax producer, he entered the Court of Versaille in 1687 as apothecary distiller to Marie-Thérèse, wife of the King.
Maison Trudon became officially royal wax manufacturer in 1719. Maison Trudon kept prospering throughout the centuries without ever interrupting its activity.
Maison Trudon was making traditional and prestigious candles for the greatest names: Hermès, Dior, Guerlain...
Cire Trudon is the oldest French manufacturer.

The candles contain no substance of the OSPAR list sited by Greenpeace. No heavy metal or pesticides are included.

A few words from the Candle Lexicon:

Insects that produce wax and honey
Type of Venetian lamps that are used to illuminate theatres.
Callombe or Calebombe
(old slang) An old local French word for candle.
(old slang) Old local French word for a candle. A"camouflet" is the the smoke that is maliciously blown into someone's face.
Scissors used to cut the burnt part of a wick. Often misused for "snuffer".
A votive candle is used for the granting of a wish. The tradition existst in most religions.

All information and picture taken from the Cire Trudon website:


Anonymous said...

I love Petit Trianon! or is it called Triano! Anyway Vive Marie-Antoinette!

chics filles said...

Ciao ColaBabe!
The candle is called Bougie Trianon par Cire Trudon, wonderful smell indeed!